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Lost Keys

Where To Look

  1. Think when & where you had them last.
  2. Retrace your steps.
  3. Check with main offices in the building you were in or around.

Other Places to check:

  1. Lost & Found @ Parking Services (860) 486-4930
  2. Police Department (860) 486-4800
  3. Locksmith Department (860) 486-2921
  4. Student Union Help Desk (860) 486-1140
  5. UConn Bookstore (860) 486-3537

When you lose state issued keys you should notify the department who issued them to you. All state issued keys have identifiable numbers on them. All keys returned to the Locksmith Department will be identified and returned to the proper department as soon as possible.


Lost Dormitory Keys

When keys are returned that belong to Dormitories we identify them and call the complex office to let them know we have the keys. They will pick them up or have the student who owns them pick them up at our office. If the complex office picks them up then the student will go to the complex office .